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Product and Services :

1. Insulation

2. Ducting

3. Accoustic

4. Refractory

5. Painting

PT ARTHAMAN ESATAMA is Domestic and National Private Company and was established under the law of Republic of Indonesia. The Company is a partnership of professional engineers, Supported by staff various engineering assistant to work out a wide range of engineering services. The Company offer professional services in Design, Construction, Project Management, and Studies in various engineering field.

Our Business

Our Business activities are Contruction and Supplier, Thermal Insulation, Refactory Lining, Ducting, Tape Wrapping, Painting,Welding, Piping, Dust Collector Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Work in several Project such as : Liquid and Gas Storage Tanks, Steam, Cooling System Equipment, Commercial Refrigerator, Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment/Hydroelectric/ Combined Cycle Power Plants. Chemical/Textil / Pulp and Paper / Cement Industries, Liquid & Gas Storage Tank Oil & RefineryPlant.


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